Awards Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Do note that the charity would need to employ fewer than 250 people.
You can submit multiple applications but when one has been successful you can’t apply for further collaborative research award for another 12 months.
You may resubmit your application but we suggest that your project is reviewed for suitability and compliance. Feedback will be given when your application is unsuccessful (upon request) and this needs to be taken into account with any re-submission.
Because the aim of The Exchange is to encourage new models of Collaborative Research that will directly support the Creative and Cultural Industries, we are encouraging the applications to be submitted by the creative partner. We would expect however that the academic partner would also be involved in helping to draft and shape the application.  The budget should be allocated through a process of negotiation between the partners, but the funding will go to the creative, and any agreed fee will be paid by them to the researcher.
The submission of diagrams and illustrations will be accepted but these should be alongside the text-based application. Videos and/or other media cannot be accepted.
After twelve months, you may be able to submit another application but it would have to be argued that it is significantly different to, or a significant progression from, the first project that was supported. Ideally though, the Collaborative Research Awards scheme is to enable applicants to progress towards other funding streams or methods of monetisation.
As previously stated, creatives can normally receive one voucher per year (the year is considered to start from the date of award not the date of the application submission).
The creative will be asked to submit their company details to The Culture Capital Exchange (TCCE) which manages The Exchange.  Upon receipt of a signed offer letter, payment of 75% of the Collaborative Research Award will be made. Please note that it can take up to 3 weeks between signed offer letter being received  and payment being made.  Upon completion of the project you may invoice for the remaining 25%. You will be expected to submit a final project report prior to the final instalment of the grant being paid.
This should be negotiated as part of the process of developing your Collaborative Research Award application.  If necessary the research should seek guidance from their institutional research office.  Due to the small amounts involved Full Economic Costing should not be applied to these awards, and pilot partner HEIs have agreed to this.
You are advised to start your project as soon after the award date as possible. If you do not think you will be ready we advise you to consider applying for a different round.
We encourage projects to be completed in 3 months but we accept that the research may in some instances go on in some form after the formal completion of the project. Please ensure that you communicate with us on any changes to your proposed timetable.
Yes, provided that they submit a letter of support from their supervisor.
We expect that support staff such as those working in Research and  Innovation offices may be able to offer you some advice and support if required but it is expected that the academic will take ultimate responsibility for developing their part of the application and budget and for ensuring the success of the project.
Creatives can use the grant for salaries and other staff costs such as for freelancers. You may include reasonable travel and subsistence costs as long as they are essential to the project. You can also include licence fees if essential to the project.

Academics can use the grant to free up their time for research on the project, with the approval of their Head/Line Manager. They may use the grant for reasonable travel and subsistence as long as they are essential to the project.

For creatives core business costs will NOT be covered. Core business costs include business filing and accountant fees, insurances, utilities and equipment that are normally used by the business.

For Academics ineligible expenditure includes equipment not essential to the project. As previously stated, Full Economic Costing should not be applied to these awards.

Also excluded:

  • Costs that are already covered by other funding
  • Activities, including buying goods or services, which take place or start before application decisions being taken
  • Activities, equipment or events that double up (duplicate) what already exists
  • Fundraising events, such as charity galas, that do not relate to the project
Proposals that are not related to the creative or cultural industries.
The applications will be checked for eligibility and will be reviewed by members of The Exchange Steering Group. Applicants will be informed about the outcome, whether successful or unsuccessful within 6 weeks. Unsuccessful applicants will be able to have feedback if helpful.
If you feel that your project will generate IP of any potential value, we ask that this it decided upon by the partnership applying for Collaborative Research Award before application and submitted with the proposal.

If you have any other questions please contact The Exchange on 020 7420 9440 or

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