Round TWO Collaborative Values Webinar

Date: 26.05.16
Time: 14:30 - 16:30

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As part of The Exchange Collaborative Awards process we are offering a webinar for academic researchers and creatives who wish to submit an application to the 9th June 2016 deadline but are unable to attend the Collaborative Values Workshop. This webinar is not a compulsory part of the application process, but will, we hope, be a constructive development opportunity regardless of the outcome of your application.

Who is this webinar for?

Academic and creatives (with or without research partners)

What is the purpose of this webinar?

Designing a strong collaborative research project is an art in itself – but most research preparation time is typically spent on deciding what to do rather than how to collaborate. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to build a deeper understanding of which values are shared between partners (and which aren’t), and how to use this information to avoid common collaboration pitfalls and build partnerships that work.

What will happen at this webinar?

Our experienced facilitators will guide you through creative, interactive exercises that will change the way you design and implement any collaborative activity – not just research in the traditional sense – and transform your understanding of concepts like ‘impact’ and ‘outcomes’. You’ll learn how to develop and use values-based indicators to monitor and evaluate your activities on your own terms, right from the start.

Although this webinar is designed to assist you with your application to The Exchange Collaborative Awards, it will also provide you with useful skills and resources to take forward into your research or creative practice.

Further Information

This webinar is brought to you in association with Fossbox.

Collaborative Values Workshops

If you have a research partner and would prefer to attend the Collaborative Values Workshop in London with them, please select this option below:

Tuesday 24th May 2016 – London

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