I Want You to PARTICIPATE || pause for thought

Date: 31.05.17
Time: 12.45 - 17.15

Cromer Road

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by Xristina Penna | part of PCI Postgraduate Research seminar series, University of Leeds, and The Exchange Development Series

The Exchange is delighted to be supporting this event as part of the Exchange Development and Networking series for Creatives and Early Career Researchers

Who is this event for?

We hope this will be of particular interest to our TCCE members and Exchange partners who are artists or creative researchers, working across installation, intermedia, immersive, applied art, and performance

What is the purpose of this event?

This one-day colloquium aims to contribute to Harpin and Nicholson’s ‘reflective response to why the contemporary moment appears somehow to need participation’ (2017: 15).

Focus will be placed on questions regarding the resistances, crises, or ethical dilemmas encountered by the invited artists, and creative researchers when using participatory formats. The aim is to collect direct insights from an eclectic group of artists, and creative researchers who work across installation, intermedia, immersive, applied art, and performance, and who utilise these formats.

In his critique The Nightmare of Participation architect, curator, and thinker Markus Miessen addresses that it is necessary to separate oneself from using magic buzz-words like ‘sustainability, participation, democracy’ as billpostings, and that ‘one must tackle their underlying motives through contextualized practice’ (2010: 242)

What will happen at this event?

The invited practitioners and practitioner-researchers will be asked to reflect on any (or none) of the below questions:

* How do they perceive their role within these works?
* What do they think they contextualise with their practice?
* What constitutes something as pseudo-participatory?

After every two or three presentations (talks, performance lectures etc.) the lens will turn to round table discussions for 15min. It will therefore use a participatory format (Open Space) as a way of exchanging views, and reflections between practitioners, practitioner-researchers, and participants.

Overall aim is to contribute to the ‘nuanced language’ (Bishop, 2012) of contemporary participatory work, by assuming a critical stance, and the insights stemming from practitioners in the field.

Event web-site:

You may drop in for the whole day, or for a session (see schedule below).

Sandwiches, cake, tea, and coffee will be provided during the break free of charge.


12.45-1.00: Registration
1.00 -1.10 Intro
1.15-1.30 Speaker 1 (Ben Eyes)
1.30-1.45 Speaker 2 (Emma Gee)
1.45-2.00 Round table
2.00-2.15 Speaker 3 (Alison Andrews)
2.15-2.30 Speaker 4 (Katie Day-The Other Way Works)
2.30-2.45 Round table
2.45-3.30 BREAK sandwiches and coffee
3.30-3.45 Speaker 5 (Lucy Steggals- The Saturday Museum)
3.45-4.00 Speaker 6 (Alaena Turner)
4.00-4.15 Round table
4.15-4.30 Speaker 7 (Sam McKay)
4.30-4.45 Speaker 8 (Xristina Penna)
4.45-5.00 Round table
5.00-5.15 Closing and summing up

Further Event Information

For more information on this event please contact Xristina Penna:

Supported by Post Graduate Research & Audience Engagement and Experience Research Group, PCI, University of Leeds
Supported by HEFCE and ACE via The Exchange project

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