Burlesque in the North: spatial politics and sexual citizenship

Date: 11.07.17
Time: 14.00 - 16.00

Alec Clegg Theatre
School of Performance and Cultural Industries
University of Leeds
Cromer Rd
Leeds LS2 9JS

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Chaired by Dr. Jacki Willson, Performance and Cultural Industries, University of Leeds
Part of 
The Exchange Development Series

The Exchange is delighted to be supporting this event as part of the Exchange Development and Networking series for Creatives and Early Career Researchers

Who is this event for?

We hope this will be of particular interest to creatives and academics from our TCCE / Exchange networks who are working in related areas. 

What is the purpose of this event?

Lucy O’Brien has argued (Punk and Post-Punk: 2012) that in the early 1980s female punk in Leeds was a specific reaction to the material social realities of living with the presence and legacy of the Yorkshire Ripper.

This roundtable event will explore questions of place, site and the gendered body in relation to the cultural industry and spectacle of burlesque cabaret.

Does this performance industry have a particular relevance with regard to its locale? Or is the local irrelevant to a small pool of cabaret performers who travel interchangeably across the country and globe?

There has been recent campaigning in relation to the threat of closure of sub-cultural queer spaces such as  The Royal Vauxhall Tavern and of course the famous Madame JoJos burlesque club in London was closed down recently  – and of course the Hebden Bridge festival caused a huge controversy in recent years in relation to where it was to be sited.

What does this mean? Are sub-cultural voices being threatened with being silenced? Is the potential for resistant performance under threat too?

What will happen at this event?

This roundtable event will bring together burlesque performers/ organisers and academics to explore the significance of local socio-politics for Northern burlesque performance.

We will consider the question of both place-bound politics and safe spaces for resistant performance.

Panelists include burlesque performers/organizers: Heidi Bang Tidy, Tawny Kay, Havana Hurricane and Penny Sweets plus Dr.Martin Zebracki (Geography,University of Leeds).

Chaired by Dr. Jacki Willson (Performance and Cultural Industries, University of Leeds).

This event will be followed by refreshments in the foyer.

Further Event Information

The event is free to attend. Booking is required.

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This event is supported by HEFCE and ACE via The Exchange project

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